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Too many small business associations or not?

I am sometimes asked why there are so many associations and individuals claiming to represent all small businesses in Australia — not just a particular industry sector, but all small businesses — and why can’t we just work together?

Musicians and small business people being ripped off

We have a major war with APRA AMOS going on currently. I firmly believe that royalties must be paid to the clever people involved in music - APRA AMCOS is actually scamming business people and then NOT paying royalties to those who earn it but sends most of the money they collect off to the three big bullying music companies in the USA. We need more Cat Empires not bureacratic empires.

Pesky unregulated shadow regulators

We have also identified a thing called 'shadow regulators' - read about 2 of them HERE

Our light bulb moments are fading away

So given how expensive electricity has become Tara and I thought we'd write and perform a song. (I do sing - you've been warned.)

HERE you can see us in musical action.

We need more than tax cuts

Red tape can be removed and workplace relations just has to be simpler. See it HERE.