Ideology + Ignorance = Trouble

Government funded Paid Parental Leave is a good thing. Perhaps it's hard for a self employed person to get access to the program but our employees can which is great.

Except that instead of paying the eligible person direct from Centrelink the process involves giving the money to the employer who then has to put this, somehow or other, through their pay system It creates mistakes and is basically stupid. In business or even in government you should never make a payment system more complicated - it should always be less complicated.

The reason it is complicated was an ideological reason - the government of the day wanted the employee to feel they were still part of the workplace. They either feel they are or aren't, making the employer work harder won't change that.

Those ideolgues live in fairy land, ideology land, stupid land. And just to prove that here is the "Employer Toolkit" that is provided by the department to assist employers. When this was first designed we were told "it would only take five minutes". The toolkit is 48 pages long - how can that take 5 minutes? And, in particular, check out the last few pages that contain code that we might find useful - like this:

"XML sample file—complete example

The following XML sample file shows a full example of an employer with multiple employees and Payment Groups.







This goes on for several pages.