PADDL games - where clever community meets business community

I am heavily involved in a thing called Paddl Games. It's like a hackathon but for small business people. You can see more at this site, just scroll down.

Paddl basically connects the cleverest of our young people coming out of education centres with small business people. A great connection that doesn't happen very often if at all, because small business people are busy. But this event has been so well organised that it works.

This first Paddl Games series is based in Victoria and has been jointly funded through COSBOA by the Victorian Government and various corporates including AGL, Aussie Post (is that their official name?) and Canon Australia. There will also be more games with more sponsors.

The event is wonderfully dynamic, but not a hackneyed dynamic. It is dynamism based on imagination with the right dose of skepticism. Also with a liberal sprinkling of: youthful thinking, experience, intelligence, debate, disruption and challenges.

Here are some images of the events in Bendigo and Hastings.

Watch this innovative dynamic space!