Historical MOU with Business Council of Australia

Last week we had a very successful Vodafone National Small Business Summit and we will provide more information on that event very soon. There were many good sessions but there was one event that took place that may have created an historical footprint for the Australian business community.

COSBOA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Business Council of Australia. This has of course raised a few eyebrows and caused comment that we may have “sold out” to the big end of town. Of course we haven’t sold out. We will continue to agree and disagree as needed but the business community in Australia is a good community and we need to highlight the positive side of business.

For example 4 out of 5 jobs are in the private sector.

More information will come as we develop our plan. See here for a joint opinion piece on the MOU.

Click HERE to view a copy of the MOU