Fairness in Competition Gets Ever So Close

COSBOA today congratulated the government on the approach to changes to Section 46 of the Competition and Consumer Act.

Peter Strong, buy CEO COSBOA, said today “In the past, for decades, the development of competition policy was dominated by ideologues and big business interests. Small business advocates were ignored or completely side lined. This time however we have been included every step of the way and our opinions considered. In the end, we did not get all we wanted, who does, but we got the effects test into the legislation and all it needs now is to pass through the final hurdles for fairness to rear its attractive head above the competition pack.”

COSBOA has been fighting for fairness in competition for 30 years and feel that for the first time we are making headway.

Peter Strong added “Thanks to Kelly O’Dwyer and the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, we also have had at this late stage, a further necessary change being the removal of mandatory demands that were to be placed upon the regulator – the ACCC. This change has happened due to the government’s refusal to make up competition policy on the run and to ensure all opinions and all facts were considered.”

“We can now focus on other pressing issues and let better and fairer competition reign in the business community. Well done to the National Party in particular for driving the changes and also to The Greens for their support. Very Nice.”