SmartCompany: Let’s focus on the issues that unfairly affect women who run their own small businesse

Peter Strong’s article for International Women’s Day in SmartCompany:

As a bloke I can only comment on women who run their own businesses based on observation and what I have been told by my female friends and colleagues. So here goes …

We normally state that about a third of our small business operators are women. That appears to be based on ownership data but I don’t believe that reflects the real situation. There are many, hundreds of thousands, of businesses that may be listed as owned by a male but in the business is that man’s partner, working alongside them to grow the business, including by doing behind-the-scenes work. I also see more and more the opposite happening where a woman owns and operates the business and with her male partner is doing the administration at night or on weekends — nice!

But that means if we are honest, women are operators in a true business sense of at least 50% of our small businesses. We should acknowledge that.