Peter Strong is the CEO of the Council of Small Business of Australia  and has been in this role since June 2010. The role requires advocacy for the Small Business community and representation of issues from members to politicians and government agencies. Peter participates in various advisory groups to the Australian government including: Chairman of Treasury’s Business Advisory Forum on Standard Business Reporting (SBR); a Board member of the SBR Board; a member of the Australian Tax Commissioners small business advisory group; member of the ATO’s specialist advisory group on the GST; the ACCC’s small business advisory forum; the Business Advisory Forum for ASIC; various business related groups with Prime Minister & Cabinet, Treasury, DFAT and the Department of Innovation.


In the past Peter has been the Deputy Chairman of the Small Business Advisory Committee; a participant in various COAG Business Leaders Forum; a key attendee at the 2012 Tax Summit and Economic Forums; participant in various round tables on industry issues including the motor industry, superannuation and finance.

Peter owned and managed Smiths Alternative Bookshop in Canberra from 2005 to 2013. The shop was also the headquarters of COSBOA from 2010 to march 2013. During that time Peter established a wine bar and café in the shop and created a name for the shop as an events hub.


Prior to these Peter has operated as a consultant to government agencies, the World Bank and the United Nations mainly on issues to do with economic reform, business development, training, change management and industry restructuring. This included work in the old Soviet Union as the mass retrenchment expert in the Central Asian states; a microeconomic reform expert in Turkey assisting that country prepare for potential entry to the European union; work in China assisting the government set up support networks for women in small business; and in Vietnam working on business incubators.


Prior to this Peter worked for the federal government from 1977 to 1995 in employment, industry restructuring, training and workplace relations.


Email me at: ceo@cosboa.org.au





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